About the programme

This cross border issuance programme enables Visa partners to easily and quickly issue virtual and/or physical cards to Ukrainians and refugees who are unable to access their funds. The cards can be issued, through our partners, from outside of Ukraine. This is a secure way to ensure access to funds for those in need. Below are some ways to use the programme.

Friends and family

Friends and family who want to get funds to their loved ones affected by the war.


Employers who are having challenges paying their employees in Ukraine or need to get funds to them for whatever reason.

Charitable organisations

Charity/humanitarian organisations who are looking to distribute funds to individuals in the area.

Cross border issuance partners

Wise logo.


Wise can help displaced people due to the Ukraine conflict by offering a fast, affordable and transparent way to hold, receive and spend money in different currencies.

Airwallex logo.


Airwallex can help affected businesses operating in the Ukraine by enabling easy and seamless access to global transfers and cross-border debit card issuing.

Questions about the programme?

If you’re interested in partnering with us or just want to know more about the programme, get in touch.