UEFA Women’s Champions League

The UEFA Women’s Champions League 22/23 final takes place at Eindhoven in the Netherlands and promises to be an exciting end to the tournament, which showcases the talent of exceptional female players from across the globe. As sponsors of the UEFA Women’s Champions League, Visa is proud to have this exciting platform to champion our key values of female empowerment, diversity and equality.

Congratulations to the UEFA Women’s Champions League 22/23 winners

The UEFA Women’s Champions League 22/23 competition brought about a number of thrilling encounters, wrapped up in an exciting final in Eindhoven. Clubs across Europe competed for the coveted title, showcasing exceptional talent, perseverance and skill. It is clear to see that women’s football is thriving more than ever, and Visa is proud to be part of this worldwide movement.

2023/2024 UEFA Women’s Champions League

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